Mara Buck Wins Franklin Pierce University's 2019 Raven Prize in Creative Nonfiction


April 24, 2019, Rindge, NHNorthern New England Review (NNER), published by the staff and students of Franklin Pierce University, is pleased to announce the winner of the NNER 2019 Raven Prize in Creative Nonfiction. Maine writer Mara Buck’s story “ROTH” took the top prize and will be published in Northern New England Review Volume 39.

“ROTH” was one of 150 submissions considered by the editorial team during the NNER 2019 open reading period. The winner of the Raven Prize receives a $500 award.

Franklin Pierce University is a home for creative nonfiction craft studies. Storytelling is embraced as an interdisciplinary communications tool with particular resonance for students in the health sciences. “Our unique dedication to creative nonfiction makes FPU the ideal host for the annual Raven Prize,” explained NNER editor Margot Douaihy.

“Witty, imaginative, highly styled but vulnerable, ‘ROTH’ tells the tale of a brief but unforgettable encounter between a disgruntled goose farmer and restless seeker. Soaked in the wood smoke of rural Maine, this story reminds readers that even the most unexpected people can become north stars in our lives,” Douaihy added. “This tender recognition is the emotional nerve center in our True North-themed edition.”

Mara Buck stated: "Winning the NNER Raven Prize is both a validation of my current work and a challenge for future writing; to unite within creative nonfiction memory and truth in a delicate balance that tosses away that pesky equal sign in order to arrive at a more universal connection, to view personal smallness through a larger lens, to continue preying and scavenging, omnivorous, living by my wits like the ravens around my Maine home who may wink a clever eye in approval. Ravens choose the right thermals and they soar."

About Mara Buck, Winner of the 2019 Raven Prize:

Mara Buck writes, paints, and rants in a self-constructed hideaway in the Maine woods. Winner of the Scottish Arts Club Prize. Recent first places include the F. Scott Fitzgerald Poetry Prize, The Binnacle International Prize. Awarded/short-listed by the Faulkner/Wisdom Society, Hackney Awards, Confluence, and others, with work in numerous literary magazines and print anthologies. 

Excerpt from “ROTH” by Mara Buck:
“Occasionally I hear echoes of Henry’s voice when I stumble about in the house I’ve built by myself, where my life long ago became metaphor, an extended one-act play in which I’m the only character—and the only member of the audience.”

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